Outpatient services are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Appointment/Questions: (406)682-6612

Physician orders may be faxed to: (406) 682-6650

At Madison Valley Medical Center Imaging Services Department, we have the latest state of the art equipment. This exceptional level of technology accounts for the superb quality of our images, allowing our physicians the ability to make accurate diagnoses. Our hand-picked team of Imaging Technologists boasts over 60 years of collective radiology experience. This experience, coupled with top of the line equipment, creates an environment of consistency and quality not usually found in a small Imaging department. MVMC’s commitment to a higher level of care is evident through our dedication to quality patient care and leading edge technology.

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We offer the following services:

Digital X-ray

This is the top of the line in digital x-ray equipment. When exams are performed digitally there is no need to wait for processing and reloading of film, the pictures are displayed on a computer so that they can be easily viewed to verify that the best quality image is produced. This decreases the patient time spent in the department. Digitally produced images use half the radiation of older x-ray machines.

Computed Tomography

CT scans produce highly specialized images of the inside of the body. The exam is a rapid sequence study that combines x-rays and computers allowing radiologists to see the location, nature and extent of many different diseases or abnormalities. MVMC uses state of the art technology to produce high quality images to achieve accurate results from your CT exam while minimizing your exposure to radiation.


The ultrasound exams performed at the Madison Valley Medical Center utilize next-generation acoustic technologies that enable you to experience never-before-seen detail during examination. The exam is a painless diagnostic test that utilizes non radiation energy. Sound waves are transmitted into the body and reflected off internal organs to create an image in real time, 2D, 3D4D, and color.

Exams include Heart-Echo, Complete OB/Gyn, Vascular and Abdominal studies.

Mobile MRI

Madison Valley Medical Center also offers Mobile MRI for our patients through Monida Shared Imaging. The Mobile MRI comes to Madison Valley Medical Center every Thursday .


Bone Density Scanning is offered at MVMC on our Hologic Discovery Dexa system. DEXA is a study that measures bone mineral density for patients with risk factors for bone fractures. The DEXA scan is typically used to diagnose and follow osteoporosis which is a decrease of bone density.


A mammogram exam is a low dose x-ray of breast tissue. This procedure involves compressing the tissue while imaging with the most advanced 3D equipment. This system is designed to give accurate imaging while utilizing advanced digital technology. Our highly trained technologists provide a comfortable and relaxed environment tailored to your schedule. Our mammography suite is a private, dedicated space where we strive to have our patients feel as at ease as possible.