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Important Updates on COVID-19


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May 7th Update

Don't Ignore Your Health

Don't Ignore your Health-MVMC from Robert Celecia on Vimeo.


April 24th Update

Proper Use of Gloves and Masks

Check out this video on how to properly use your gloves and masks to keep you protected.  

proper use of gloves and masks from Robert Celecia on Vimeo.


April 8th Update

Antibody Testing Update

There have been questions to the Madison Valley Medical Center regarding the possibility of antibody testing for COVID-19.

Serologic antibody tests measure the amount of antibodies or proteins present in the blood when the body is responding to an infection like COVID-19. These tests are essentially measuring the bodies response to the infection, as opposed to detecting the virus itself (which is what we are doing now).

Recently the FDA has approved at least one antibody test for COVID-19 and many more are in development.

At this time MVMC does not have the capability to perform antibody testing. We are monitoring the progress of these tests carefully and at some point we do hope to have this testing available to the residents of Madison Co.

If you have any health concerns or questions regarding COVID-19, please call our hot line at 406-682-6628. 


April 3rd Update

We are still offering full services

Until further noticed everyone who enters will be screen upon entry, but all services remain open. 


March 30th Update

A Message from our CEO, Allen Rohrback

Madison Valley Medical Center recently learned that one of its employees has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.  After working with the Madison County Health Department, all individuals who had close contact with this individual were quarantined and were tested for COVID-19.  All test results were negative.  It is difficult to determine where this employee contracted COVID-19.  This individual is currently isolated at home and resting comfortably.

MVMC continues to exercise extreme precautions in preventing the spread of COVID-19.  All areas of the hospital are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  All patients and employees are screened appropriately, and specific areas of the hospital and clinic are designated only for patients with respiratory symptoms.  All healthcare providers wear masks for their protection and yours.  Please be assured that all infection control guidelines are being strictly adhered to, at all times.  If you have any health concerns or questions regarding COVID-19, please call our hotline at 406-682-6628.  If you would like to contact me directly, please call 406-682-6615. 



Allen S. Rohrback, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer 


March 26th Update

Madison Valley Medical Center COVID-19 Advisory


March 20th Update

Madison County Resident Tested Positive

A Madison County resident in her 50's tested positive for COVID-19. The resident has been in home isolation since testing, and has been following public health guidance. The resident is being interviewed to assess her exposure risks and any relevant travel history. Close contacts will be identified by the health department. They will receive information regarding COVID-19 and any recommendations regarding safety measures and home quarantining if necessary. It is important to note that just walking by a person that has COVID-19 is not an exposure risk. CDC guidance will be used to access true close contact exposures.Madison county resident tested positive for COVID-19

Please call our COVID-19 Nurse with any questions or concerns at 682-6628.