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Racing for the MVMC Ambulance Service


Ennis athlete, Cory Hardy, is racing for health in this year's Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series!

Cory Hardy is running in support of the MVMC Ambulance fund — every dollar pledged or donated will raise critical funds for a new monitor/defibrillator for the Madison Valley Ambulance Service.


Ways to help raise money

  • By making a one-time donation to sponsor Cory in the GYAS
  • By making a pledge based on the number of miles Cory travels in the GYAS, i.e., $1/mile 

Your donation/pledge is supporting the Madison Valley Medical Center Ambulance Service. The new ambulance is dedicated to serving the Ennis area with professional care and enhanced response times. 



The 2022 Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series Race Schedule

11th Annual Madison Triathlon – July 7, 2022

11th Annual Madison Duathlon – July 8, 2022

15th Annual Madison Marathon – July 9, 2022

8th Annual Big Sky Marathon – July 10, 2022

3rd Annual Madison Ultra – July 15, 2022

27th Annual Water to Whiskey 5K – July 16, 2022

6th Annual Tour de Gravelly – July 17, 2022


Thank you to our sponsors