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Madison Valley Medical Center Emergency Care

MVMC Emergency Care


Hours & Contact

Open 24 Hours a Day/Year Round

Phone: 406-682-6862 | Fax: 406-682-6618

About the MVMC Emergency Services

Our Emergency Department is open 24/7 with a dedicated team of providers, nurses and staff specially trained in emergency medicine to provide you with the highest quality, immediate care for everything from minor to life-threatening emergencies.

Emergency Department Entrance: is located on the north side of the building. Use this entrance for all emergency services.

Madison Valley Medical Center Emergency Care

Emergency Services & Info:

  • What is a Designated Trauma Receiving Facility?
    • MVMC can provide advanced trauma life support (ATLS), if needed, before transferring the patient to a higher-level trauma center. A designated trauma receiving facility provides evaluation, stabilization, and diagnostic capabilities for injured patients. In many cases, persons injured in remote areas and transported to a distant trauma center by helicopter can receive faster and better medical care than if they had been transported by ground ambulance to a closer hospital that does not have a designated trauma center.
  • MVMC has a Negative-Pressure Isolation Room, what is that?
    • It is utilized to prevent cross-contamination of illnesses.
  • MVMC has an External Decontamination Area, what is that?
    • It provides care and safety for patients exposed to toxins or biohazards.